The Life-Changing Cosmology – The Most Positive and Comprehensive World View There Is, is a poetic and challenging journey through the danish writer Martinus world picture.


The film is produced entirely without commercial interests. The purpose of the film is merely to present a hopeful and positive outlook on life.


Runtime: 41 minutes

Release date: 30 November 2017 (Youtube, Vimeo)

Producer: Gunnar Fernlund / Soulfoods publishing



How this film came about

Gunnar Fernlund, the creator of the film:


"Even as a kid I would think about existential questions – "What's the meaning of my life?", "Does the universe have an end?", "Is there a higher intelligence?", "Is there life after death?" etc. I was especially confused about the question "What is the meaning of all the suffering in the world?" Why was I so privileged when other people's lives could be marked by deep tragedy?


When I took a look at my own life I could see that there was a meaning behind nearly all troublesome experiences. Once I could get a perspective on the things that challenged me, I could see that they had been good for me, in that they caused me to mature as a person. The experiences had made me more empathetic and humble. But how can you explain the meaning of such tragic and apparently meaningless events as war, illness, poverty, the destruction of the environment, accidents and death?


When I was in my twenties I was amazed to actually come across a logical answer to these questions … and in fact to all the major mysteries of life. The Danish author, Martinus (1890 – 1981), had written an all-encompassing work, a complete and cohesive structure, which explained and shed light on one mystery after the other. Suddenly everything started to make sense. It was like finding a treasure. Something extraordinary had been revealed to me. It was profound.


I also realised that those of us who had recognised the essence in Martinus' work had a certain trust in life. Even though life was tough from time to time, it was easier for us to see the meaning behind the challenges that we were faced with, we could make the right choices and more easily come through the difficult situations.


Even though this revolutionary cosmology has been available for decades, there are still relatively few people who know about it. With my background in education and film production, I felt drawn to make a film about the basic ideas in Martinus' amazing world picture. It is my wish to make this information more widely known, to spread hope and to show that the answer is out there for those who really want to know, and who are prepared to receive the knowledge."